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What Should I Eat Before a Workout?

A good pre workout meal can help your body perform better and recover faster after each workout.

When you fuel your body properly prior to exercise, it will not only help you maximize your performance, but also minimize the damage to your muscles.

Ideally, aim to have a balance meal about 2 – 3 hours before your workout. The timing here depends on the individual. If you digest your food slowly, eating too soon before a workout may make you feel nauseous. One you figure out what time works for you, here is what your meal should include


Carbs are the muscles best source of energy. Include carbs that are easily digestible as well as carbs that will leave you with lasting energy that will push you throughout the duration of the workout.


Eating protein prior to exercise has been shown to increase a better anabolic response, or muscle growth, improve muscle recovery, increase strength and lean body mass.

Here are a few examples of pre workout meals

  1. Blueberries and Greek yogurt

  2. Brown rice, white rice, and grilled chicken

  3. Old fashion oats, bananas, and milk

If you only have an hour or less before your workout, focus on getting in those quick digesting carbs. If you are real short on time, sports gels and sport nutrition bars will also do. You need to focus on getting that quick energy to fuel your workout.

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